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Clubmedia was founded at the 47th Venice Biennal 1997 as a non-linear online platform dedicated to hypermedia and online networking. After 22 years we are reconstructing the original version with forensic methods and will implement the most current web technology.

Please visit in the meantime our project InEnArt, established 2012 as a cooperation of various initiatives, that are active in the cultural field, as well as cultural institutions and universities, who understand the unregulated exchange of information as a global, basic need. At InEnArt you find as well a short introduction to the clubmedia in Venice and the CyberBull of Venice by Belgian artist Hugo Heyrman.-

Or check out our current event - the Mahalla Festival. It is a Festival of film, literature, contemporary art, debates and several activities combining events that invite local and international participants to mobilize visitors to explore communities under new aspects. The displayed art works, performances, installations, screenings, readings and talks will reflect aspects of borders, armed conflicts and migration, minorities, hospitality and hostility, urban structures, inclusion and intercultural communication.